Acute & Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment in Chicago

Knowing the Difference Between Acute & Chronic Low Back Pain

Determining if your lower back pain is acute or chronic largely begins with how long the pain lasts. Acute low back pain is shorter term than chronic and generally lasts two, three or four weeks. But if lower back pain persists for months, it has become chronic.

Short term lower back pain frequently results from traumas like sports injuries, vehicular accidents, pr over-exertion when lifting heavy objects. But acute low back pain may also result from conditions like arthritis. But just because acute low back pain may not last as long as chronic lower back pain, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious problem. It can disrupt your life and cause you weeks of suffering.

Chronic lower back pain is diagnosed as chronic when suffering continues for three months or more. One of the hallmarks of a chronic low back condition is that the pain gradually amps up, worsening over time. The precise root of chronic lower back pain is often difficult to diagnose.

Whether chronic or acute, low back pain symptoms can run the gamut. You might experience overall back muscle aches or a sudden jolt of pain in one or more locations in the lower back. You may have trouble with the simplest of movements like turning from side to side or when you bend or just try to stand up. In some cases, lower back pain may radiate from the original injury and continue on through other areas of the body.

Treating Your Lower Back Pain

Many people don’t realize it, but many kinds of low back pain can often be relieved without the need for surgery. A classic and often effective treatment is using cold and heat compresses or packs at the point of injury or pain. This aids in the reduction of inflammation and restores some mobility.

Reducing inflammation helps in strengthening the back and decreasing the likelihood of re-injuring the area. With proper, consistent treatments, often a patient is capable of healing without the loss of normal functioning.
Pinnacle Pain Management specializes in the treatment of both chronic and acute lower back pain conditions. We have an array of therapeutic methods available. Once the cause of your low back pain has been examined and assessed the situation, we can design a management plan that targets help ease your lower back pain with the goal of eliminating it.

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Dr. Neeraj Jain, M.D.

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